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Title: Future versions of MIDI sprout
Post by: pelgrim on May 13, 2018, 11:33:12 AM

since I had my kickstarter MIDI sprout and did some initial recordings, made an fun enclosure and ... shelved it.

2 years later.
I have a big kiwi plant of 2 years old that says hello now to my PC room.
About time I started to be creative with my sprout.
The fun thing about linux: everything stills works, with just a few lines of documentation I made I'm up and running again.

For those who wonder: a kiwi plant is highly active this time of year.

But I came here for another reason: development.
I don't know if there will ever be any updates on the hardware.
If there were, here are 2 of the things I would love to see.

1) power the board by USB.
2) have the option of controlling the knob in software through USB
3) upload alternative code through USB.

Especially 3) is something I would love to see. The enclosure I made is very tight and small,
and completely sealed for esthetic reasons. Since you need to upload new code directly to the chip,
that's no option anymore now for me.

2) is for practical reasons. Sometimes you hit a sweet spot with that know settings for a plant.
After playing around it can be very hard to find that back. In software you can just write the setting down and set it exactly the same again later.
Title: Re: Future versions of MIDI sprout
Post by: sam on May 14, 2018, 12:58:16 PM
Hello good pelgrim, thank you for all of your support, questions, and feedback!

For 2, the sweet spot changes over time. It all depends on what the plant is 'doing' at any given moment. But I agree that software could be a good solution here, perhaps I could include an auto ranging mode.

 power and a rechargable battery at a very simple mod, just hit adafruit and get a battery and charger with 5v out and micro USB input. The main reason not to use USB in rechargeable batteries on the product, is shipping since batteries are dangerous.

Uploading code through USB, yeah that would be easy, but I have included the icsp header and it should be easy enough to use a programmer or an Arduino board to flash code on to the chip.

Above all, the midi Sprout is a simple work. It was never intended to do everything for everyone, and while data Garden continues to produce my open source design, I don't think they have any interest in innovating the process, hence why I left working with them. The whole point of Kickstarter is to invest, not travel.

I already have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions which are available directly through me for anyone who's interested. I also have multiple plant interfaces if you're trying to use more than one plant in any given time, and those are available direct from me as one-off experimental units.