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Dear MIDI-Sprout fans!

I would like to share with you a 21 minutes long Ambient soundscape called Gazing At The Sparkling Light Of The Evening Sun, which invites the listener into an intimate moment with our beautiful Sun. Sometimes we are spoiled with a breathtaking sight of a fantastically colorful nature play. And that's exactly what i tried to capture with this soundworld. Just by the way., the recording involved a Rubber tree. This is one of my first experiments and i'm still in awe of it's provided complexity and the whole arrangement. Couldn't make up my mind when to stop the recording session as it went on & on with all kind of variations. Despite the wealth of ideas there is a noticeable pattern.

I strongly believe that the Rubber tree took advantage of the provided reflection, as i confronted it with it's doing through speakers. My part was only to prepare the whole setup, create the patches, soundpaint and polish during the EQing and do the mastering at the end. Everything else has been directed by the Rubber tree! The recording and patch creation took place inside Propellerhead Reason's sequencer & Studio rack. The soundworld is based on three layers. Of course, the crickets aren't played by the plant as it's a sample recorded in a forest at nights which perfectly underlines the soundcape's mood. Everything else is controlled and composed by the Rubber tree.

I became a big fan of this creation method and will definitely add MIDI-Srpout in my journey through soundworlds, together with Mother Nature. :) You can download the music on my website, scroll down until you get to see a cover with the Sun or press on the cover, as presented below:

Much Love

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