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Dear Everyone!

Just recently i got a Creative E-MU Xmidi 1x1 Tab as a mobile solution (for Android IOS), so i wouldn't need to drag with me a Laptop & Complete Audio 6 on my hiking tours. Now, today i remembered that i could use the E-MU also on Windows (should work on MAC too). If you happen to own two MIDI-Sprouts & if you desire to record two Plants on one Desktop Computer/Laptop via Propellerhead Reason 10, then the following roundup might be something for you:   

1) Download the driver/install your 2nd Interface. The driver for Creative E-MU Xmidi 1x1 Tab can be downloaded from: http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=237&CatName=E-MU+%2f+Creative+Professional&subCatID=231&subCatName=MIDI+Keyboards&prodID=19089&prodName=Xmidi+1x1+Tab&bTopTwenty=1&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_19089,VARSET=CategoryID:237
2) Make use of Advanced MIDI in Reason. You can reach it via Edit -> Preferences -> Sync.
3) Set Bus A to E-MU Xmidi1x1 Tab or any other spare Interface to your disposal.
4) Head to Rack view, drag the particular Instrument of your choice to the Reason rack & then scroll up to reach the Hardware Interface device. By default the button for Advanced MIDI isn't activated. This will open the Advanced MIDI device.
5) On Channel 1, select the chosen Instrument to link it with your 2nd Interface.
6) Then choose another Instrument & drag it in the Reason rack as well
7) Hover with the mouse on it's GUI to right click on it, so you can lock this selected Instrument with your MAIN Audio/MIDI-Interface.

Side-Info: IF you don't have already a "control surface" dedicated to the MIDI-IN of your MAIN Audio/MIDI-Interface then you have to create one, before you can proceed with step 7:

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Control Surface -> Add. As a Manufacturer you can select <other>. Name it according to your liking and before you press on the button "Find" turn on MIDI-Sprout & then click on "Choose". Finish this procedure with "Ok".

Conclusion: Now you should be able to record two Plants through two MIDI-Sprouts the same time on ONE Desktop PC/Laptop with Propellerhead Reason. I don't have a Mac on hand but it should work fine. According to manual you don't need to install a driver for the XMIDI 1x1 Tab on Mac -> http://www.emu.com/images/docs/XMIDI1x1manual_EN.pdf. Hope i didn't forget anything. :)

Much Love

Development / MIDI-Sprout with Android
« on: February 26, 2018, 10:36:34 AM »
This thread tries to encourage Android Users to find working alternatives. I guess my alternative will be majority appeal to Musicians than End-Users yearning for a ready-to-use solution to just consume Plants music with MIDI-Sprout. Nevertheless, it may serve both target groups. Just recently i ordered an USB-MIDI interface called Creative Emu Xmidi 1X1 Usb Midi. With that i also required an Micro-B Male to USB A Female 2.0 3.0 P8M6, which has arrived today.

Regarding application, i decided to fetch a license for Caustic 3. I like it's concept, which kind of reminds me on Propellerhead Reason. I also could have picked up FL Mobile Studio or Music studio but i wanted a DAW which has everything i really need to record biofeedback data during my upcoming hiking sessions. The fancy sound design can happen anyway in the studio. I'm happy to announce that this lightweight mobile studio solution does work flawlessly. :)

Of course, you have to consider battery life on road. My Android is a Motorola Moto G2 (2nd) gen. There may be a few recommendable powerbanks & if i remember, i added them in my roundup on my Google+ account (should be accessible for guests as well). I bought Goobay Powerbank 10.0 from a localstore here in Austria, Vienna. Data Garden may have plans to offer a MIDI-Sprout APP sometime in the future, to relieve the burden on Users strictly focused on consumption.

Until then it never hurts to get the relevant hardware to be ready. Google Play has tons of either Software Synths or Samplers which won't give the average User to much headache. As an Artist we are striving for the creative path crafting our own soundsets to please the Creator in us. :) One more word referring to performance, i didn't expect heavy latency issues so the Creative Emu Xmidi 1X1 Usb Midi does a good job.

Much Love

Dear MIDI-Sprout fans!

I would like to share with you a 21 minutes long Ambient soundscape called Gazing At The Sparkling Light Of The Evening Sun, which invites the listener into an intimate moment with our beautiful Sun. Sometimes we are spoiled with a breathtaking sight of a fantastically colorful nature play. And that's exactly what i tried to capture with this soundworld. Just by the way., the recording involved a Rubber tree. This is one of my first experiments and i'm still in awe of it's provided complexity and the whole arrangement. Couldn't make up my mind when to stop the recording session as it went on & on with all kind of variations. Despite the wealth of ideas there is a noticeable pattern.

I strongly believe that the Rubber tree took advantage of the provided reflection, as i confronted it with it's doing through speakers. My part was only to prepare the whole setup, create the patches, soundpaint and polish during the EQing and do the mastering at the end. Everything else has been directed by the Rubber tree! The recording and patch creation took place inside Propellerhead Reason's sequencer & Studio rack. The soundworld is based on three layers. Of course, the crickets aren't played by the plant as it's a sample recorded in a forest at nights which perfectly underlines the soundcape's mood. Everything else is controlled and composed by the Rubber tree.

I became a big fan of this creation method and will definitely add MIDI-Srpout in my journey through soundworlds, together with Mother Nature. :) You can download the music on my website, scroll down until you get to see a cover with the Sun or press on the cover, as presented below:

Much Love

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