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The MIDI Sprout may have temperature storage applications for eatable perishable vegetable/fruit foodies.  The MIDI Sprout did not sound much with the Yucca at a higher room temperature, but at 12.8 degrees Celsius it sang.  I let the Yucca sit in a chair and listen to J.S. Bach Cantatas all evening on a CD player, and this morning it clearly manipulates the Ableton Live.  I have four leads on it, and additional speakers to amplify the sound.  It is possible that at optimal storage temperatures, the more it survives and sings.  This is a plant science, agriculture  area of study, and scientific studies would have to be done to verify, but MIDI Sprout may have many applications to agriculture.

MIDI Sprout and Yucca tuber at 12.8 degrees Celsius room temperature.

I was not able to attend the DATA GARDEN MIDI SPROUT workshop in NYC on 1/31/2018 where advanced features of biofeedback were discussed.  Are there any notes/video from that posted on the forum or YouTube?

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