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Thanks for this Nicola, i love seeing your use of a completely diverse set of tools, I had reason about 10 years ago and somehow i dropped the ball, I notice you are using a minor scaling, it still sounds relatively abstracted and freeform, it possibly uses a different method to filter scales than Ableton. There are many variables. here is a new piece i recorded with a Dieffenbachia plant in Ableton. https://youtu.be/KchMjtMNVJQ .i mix related scales on the tracks, Incidentally i had noticed the structuring patterns of the notes also on the midi piano roll (ref another post) I understand completely your choice of Caustic for field recording, I use an Ipad in a Behringer istudio dock and n-track to record the midi, however there is no scaling in that software.
all the best Clive
PS. where did you get the electro clips? :)

Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:52:27 AM »
Hi Sharon, just select the midi Device you are connected to from the Midi Sprout, under the 'Midi' menu in Ableton Prefs, make sure its 'on'  then enable a midi track input, and you will see midi data when the Sprout is turned on and connected to a plant, do not sweep the knob  to the right, just switch on to test, the colored lights will indicate activity from the plant. here is a video showing more advanced Able ton functions, https://youtu.be/s4YbMgguudo

Thanks Nicola, I saw your video with Caustic 3, seems like a good solution for Android, i wasn't able to get it to function without purchasing, maybe its my troublesome Chinese tablet! so i am going to stick with Ableton for serious sound work and use the Sprout IOS app for quick access for now, i would love to hear some music that you have made with it to get an idea of the voices available with Caustic. the scaling function is vital when considering any mobile apps i feel. I have been using N-track with the Damanhur plant machine as it records over 2 audio tracks with midi at the same time, essential for playing guitar/synth  with the plant, but sadly it has no scaling function for the sprout.I am assuming that Reason also is lacking with this? please post a link to your video on it.

Questions / Re: Info about MIDI Sprout translation
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:32:04 AM »
thanks Sam for explaining the default midi output protocols on the Sprout, here is a video of my preliminary experience scaling within the Ableton live environment, i wish you guys could share more videos on how you filter and select notes for sustain, portmento etc to further sculpt the sound, https://youtu.be/s4YbMgguudo

Questions / Re: Using Ios app with a presonus itwo?
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:21:46 AM »
thanks i did discover there is less note activity using the Itwo in comparison to the iconnect at 6.22 on this vid you will hear the difference feeding the app with various interface https://youtu.be/m5us7MSGvdU

i have used a Presonus itwo with the app and a Behringer Idock with an Ipad, both work however seem to trigger less activity than the iconnect with the ios app, I posted a video on my Clive Wright youtube channel related to these discoveries

Questions / Using Ios app with a presonus itwo?
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:23:15 PM »
does anyone know if the Midi Sprout ios app works with a presonus itwo audio midi interface instead of the iconnect one?

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