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Questions / Re: Need immediate with battery case!!
« Last post by Nicola Alexandra Hajdu on August 16, 2018, 11:58:32 PM »
and stay tuned, I am working on a new version with another group which will provide some significant enhancement, greatly improve support, and perhaps intruding some Wireless, multiple device, and modular connectivity. Get excited.

This sounds intriguing of course. :) As you remember i couldn't place an order with Data Garden in the past, as they have been sold out in the wrong time. I didn't want to wait months, so i looked up for an alternative & so stumbled upon your store. Thanks to your commitment & service i could fetch my very first MIDI-Sprout from your shop. After that, i could count on your first aid from a long distance.

Your explanation & encouragement helped me to replace my blown chips due to a risky experiment. And so i ended up getting a 2nd MIDI-Sprout as spare device because you always have been there to answer my needs. A reliable customer service builds up trust which you never forget. As i also love to see Joe's commitment he continues to carry on i literally stand between two parties not compatible with each other anymore.

I would have to lie myself if i wouldn't secretly wish you & Joe to agree with each other on a good compromise basis that still could contain new enhancements. Even though i'm a bit skeptic about WLAN, as due layman level i can't imagine how to filter the environment radiation (perhaps per software?) coming from other devices, which could interrupt with the capturing process needed to be focused on the fluctuations of the connected lifeforms, i remain open-minded about the wireless feature.

It's just that i need your insightful videos for better understanding which i expect you to record anyway once you are almost ready to either go for a crowdfunding first before it goes retail or bypass that to direct sells world wide. Please inform me via email once you have uploaded first impressions of your new designed device. I expect a change in price tag because the more features inbuilt the bigger the effort in general. The features that i crave for most are as it follows:

.) CV connectivity, so Sprout could trigger given options on a modular device. I for myself keep thinking about Behringer's Neutron OR Arturia Minibrute 2. Both are attracting & would come in bearable weight & dimensions.

.) Another request - for the convenience  sake - is edibility as such for scales, velocity, notes & chords via software OR on Midi-Sprout's display IF possible respectively IF an affordable version remains feasible.

.) i wouldn't mind Sprout to control several devices at once neither. :) It just would be a dream if Sprout's signal could be split internally, so before it goes to the connected MIDI-devices you could program each "MIDI channel" with different aspects.

I'm aware this sounds too crazy but hey, we Artists ought to be like that. ;) Example, i want Sprout to trigger JP-8080 where i have prepared a deep atmospheric pad reverbed to no end. As with all long sustained sounds you want Sprout to send only a couple of notes in time.

While for a bassline on Korg Volca Bass it could work with more notes. The same with a sequenced sound on a Korg Volca FM etc... I'm sure you get my point here. :) Basically we can workaround this by Software. Ableton Live Users seem to know their ways to gain more influence while i have my ways in Propellerhead Reason to cope or compensate with the well-known limitations.

.) The flashy led show needs to stay although you eventually have to find a new logo, which makes sense & i bet there are a couple of possible demands of what Sprout should indicate on it's surface but the more features get packed the more complex the concept become which results in a more expensive end product.

Last but not least, ...i want to stay honest with you, ...it would hurt to see a price tag corresponding to Damanhur's U1 device, which shouldn't be so expensive anymore. Their Bamboo seems to react on MIDI-Sprout's increasing popularity & the demand for a portable & lightweight solution. As someone interested in Sounddesign i don't demand for an inbuilt ROMpler but what i crave for are features that ignite & support the creative flow, so to speak.

On the other hand, for you & your crew, from a business point of view it would make sense to get as much potential customers as possible. :)

Much Love
Questions / Re: Need immediate with battery case!!
« Last post by sam on August 12, 2018, 02:33:05 PM »
Hi Steve, very sad you have an overheating battery issue. In my personal research I have found that the issue happens when the battery box is inserted with the batteries 'up' which risks the batteries touching the electronics.

I suggest you treat this as a manufacturing fault and send it back to the dudes. I don't know the best conact email for them, please review your purchase emails. 

I do much of the support on the forum, along with our beatified amazing biodata sonification explorers.  I'll provide anything i can give, and battery boxes are cheap (shipping sadly it's not).

My primary repair suggestion is to trim the wires find a decent gauge of wire any color and solder it to replace the melted segments Use shrink wrap tubing to cover the joins. And then connect a 2 pin header in order to mate with the main power jack. I think soldering is fun, but I understand not everybody has the tools or the excitement!  or I'd be happy to send you a battery box with a header soldered on, and you just need to make sure that the batteries are facing down when you put it into the enclosure.

If you are in Philly, I'd be happy to help in person. Look around and email me directly.

Best of luck, sorry for your trouble.

and stay tuned, I am working on a new version with another group which will provide some significant enhancement, greatly improve support, and perhaps intruding some Wireless, multiple device, and modular connectivity. Get excited.

Questions / Re: Need immediate with battery case!!
« Last post by LeakyVessel on August 09, 2018, 03:58:35 PM »
Please Help as I have shows coming up for late April.
The thin wires that connect the battery holder onto the circuit board has broken. Also it appears that one of the wires melted!!!
Can I purchase a new battery holder with the circuit board pin pre-soldered?
I'm in the process of rehearsal for upcoming shows and need advice fast.
Steve Sciulli

Thanks for this post. I have the exact same problem.  Been using the midi sprout the past couple of days to test work for an installation and the battery wire fried.  Please can you help?
Questions / Re: MIDI Sprout Tools looks....odd
« Last post by sam on July 13, 2018, 03:35:44 PM »
oh yes as you well know my friend links do change. I changed my entire structure for my website, so anything that's not sitting in my GitHub probably isn't going to link back. Based on your note I'll try to upload to my GitHub this weekend for the mini Sprout tools. Here try this link electricityforprogress.com/DataGarden/pd/
Development / Re: EMG for midisprout?
« Last post by sam on July 13, 2018, 03:33:18 PM »
ure, the 555 timer is set up as a galvanic conductance monitor. Simply replace the galvanic circuit with something that actually can do your egm measurements, put that signal to the 328p,
 and rewrite the software to translate those signals into something meaningful, and then algorithmically process those changes and signals to trigger notes. It is actually would be a completely different system, but you can build and code it on your own.
Questions / Re: MIDI Sprout Tools looks....odd
« Last post by prztz on July 11, 2018, 12:07:28 AM »
wuddup brotha. I'm trying to download midi sprout tools but link is broken. any chance you fix that please? tks a lot.
Development / EMG for midisprout?
« Last post by alinta on July 10, 2018, 12:52:53 AM »
Hi there, is it possible to use midisprout purely as a way to gather the emg movement signal rather than gsr? What would be required to do this?

While midi is magical, you have to learn about specific programs in order to make music. Nicola is an amazing example of someone who is able to use Hardware synthesis and software synthesis at the same time.

I realize that musical instrument digital interface is the hardest part of this system for people. But making electronic music is extremely challenging. Making music with plants is actually quite easy, all you need is a biodata sonification interface.
Development / Re: Battery Life
« Last post by sam on July 06, 2018, 04:01:58 PM »
Yes the device was in for all the hours of the experiment/test.

You can easily modify the code and turn the lights off, just look in the variables declared and set the noteLEDs = 0; which will defeat the main light show (not boot up light show tho).

there is one very large Hazard associated with leaving your Sprout on for multiple days. If you use very low Quality Batteries, I'm talking an Amazon or off-brand or anything that doesn't have a copper top or some green text of the side like aniloops. The batteries will leak after a long drain, just like any device and their batteries. think of the Sprout as a flashlight, it is in no way different than any other electronic device, and you shouldn't think it's special electronically or based on its battery usage, there is no difference in its battery consumption whether your computer is turned on or not.. But you should be able to run on basic power for four to seven days without any trouble.

If you really excited you can easily attach a regulator in a solar panel and a couple charging caps which can keep the unit running indefinitely.

Hi Clive!

If i recall it was through Ebay, you can find a couple of deals there:

In regards DAW, to each his/her own. I can't let go of Propellerhead Reason for several reasons. The workflow in Reason fits me & i like to mess with signal routing, so therefore this is the perfect virtual environment to stay. As with Genre Ambient there are no rules set in stone. My intention with Plant based music is to define but also allow organic accidents in beautiful way. :)

And last but not least Caustic, ...as i don't have an Iphone i can't try Data Garden's App but one thing is certain, ...Caustic is also a choice for Sound design. As i said, there are limits if you review this from a spoiled perspective but overall it is a great App for Android & IOS.

Much Love
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