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Development / Re: Battery Life
« Last post by sam on July 06, 2018, 04:01:58 PM »
Yes the device was in for all the hours of the experiment/test.

You can easily modify the code and turn the lights off, just look in the variables declared and set the noteLEDs = 0; which will defeat the main light show (not boot up light show tho).

there is one very large Hazard associated with leaving your Sprout on for multiple days. If you use very low Quality Batteries, I'm talking an Amazon or off-brand or anything that doesn't have a copper top or some green text of the side like aniloops. The batteries will leak after a long drain, just like any device and their batteries. think of the Sprout as a flashlight, it is in no way different than any other electronic device, and you shouldn't think it's special electronically or based on its battery usage, there is no difference in its battery consumption whether your computer is turned on or not.. But you should be able to run on basic power for four to seven days without any trouble.

If you really excited you can easily attach a regulator in a solar panel and a couple charging caps which can keep the unit running indefinitely.

Hi Clive!

If i recall it was through Ebay, you can find a couple of deals there:

In regards DAW, to each his/her own. I can't let go of Propellerhead Reason for several reasons. The workflow in Reason fits me & i like to mess with signal routing, so therefore this is the perfect virtual environment to stay. As with Genre Ambient there are no rules set in stone. My intention with Plant based music is to define but also allow organic accidents in beautiful way. :)

And last but not least Caustic, ...as i don't have an Iphone i can't try Data Garden's App but one thing is certain, ...Caustic is also a choice for Sound design. As i said, there are limits if you review this from a spoiled perspective but overall it is a great App for Android & IOS.

Much Love
Thanks for this Nicola, i love seeing your use of a completely diverse set of tools, I had reason about 10 years ago and somehow i dropped the ball, I notice you are using a minor scaling, it still sounds relatively abstracted and freeform, it possibly uses a different method to filter scales than Ableton. There are many variables. here is a new piece i recorded with a Dieffenbachia plant in Ableton. https://youtu.be/KchMjtMNVJQ .i mix related scales on the tracks, Incidentally i had noticed the structuring patterns of the notes also on the midi piano roll (ref another post) I understand completely your choice of Caustic for field recording, I use an Ipad in a Behringer istudio dock and n-track to record the midi, however there is no scaling in that software.
all the best Clive
PS. where did you get the electro clips? :)
Development / Re: Battery Life
« Last post by alinta on July 01, 2018, 10:07:07 PM »
Hi Sam,

Sorry for bringing up such an old post but I found this while searching for info on battery life. I just had some quick questions to add to this:

In this test that you did, did you leave the Sprout running constantly over these days and nights?

Am I correct in thinking that it was at about the 4 day mark that it went into low battery mode?

Is there a way to turn of the LEDs to extend the battery life? Or a way to induce low power mode?

Are there any hazards involved in leaving the Sprout on constantly for a few days? Eg short circuiting or something?

I have a situation where I would like to leave the Sprout on for a few days, but the computer itself that it is connected to will probably be turned off for some of that time. With the computer off, would that extend the Sprout's battery life or make no difference?... Now that I think about it this is probably a silly question but I just want to make sure, sorry!

Thanks for your constant help!
Questions / Re: Question about midi data
« Last post by alinta on July 01, 2018, 09:53:08 PM »
this trend is showing a steady increase in 'activity' and conductivity fluctuations.

Thanks Sam! Yes I wonder why it was a steady increase - it didn't seem to be environmental factors. I'll keep looking.

Questions / Re: Using Sprout without IAC Bus?
« Last post by alinta on July 01, 2018, 09:49:34 PM »
I think I may just be a bit confused with how both MIDI and IAC work as I am a beginner to all of this, so forgive my slowness here!

The MidiSprout itself is attached to my computer via USB (the EMU cable). Instead of pulling it into an audio program like Ableton I'm trying to pull it into a visuals program (something called Magic Music Visuals that also takes a MIDI input). I was hoping to select the MidiSprout directly from the visuals program as a MIDI source. But the program is only reading the Sprout as an IAC source, and I have been told that this program cannot deal with IAC and that I need to select the device (being the MidiSprout) more directly.

So I figured I needed to unhook the sprout from the IAC Bus?... or does the sprout not work directly as a 'midi device'?

Again forgive me for my noobness here, I am trying to make sense lol.  :D
Questions / Re: Question about midi data
« Last post by sam on July 01, 2018, 08:24:20 AM »
The MIDI data consists of simple notes, most pianos have a max of 88 key, 66 keys, 42 keys, or even tiny one octave keyboards.  The biodata readings are much more nuanced and I have attempted to maximize the sensitivity and resolution of the biodata sonification system by allowing notes to 'loop back' once the highest or lowest note is played.   

If you hear notes jumping from very high to very low, that means that your plant is at the edge of one of these activity areas and the note mapping is jumping to the next loop back point. 

In the image you provided (thanks nicola for posting the linked image) you can see the notes cascading down, down down and down.... this trend is showing a steady increase in 'activity' and conductivity fluctuations.  Yes this is typical for sprout usage and the data is simply wrapping.

Insights .... well that's really up to the user whether a biologist, botanist, philosopher, or florist.  As an engineer, i simply provide the tools, it is up to you and your research to find meaning.

Questions / Re: Using Sprout without IAC Bus?
« Last post by sam on July 01, 2018, 08:17:22 AM »
What are you using as a USB to MIDI interface? 

You only need to select your USB MIDI device in the visuals program.  The IAC midi bus is a built in router in OSx which is totally not needed if you are doing the direct USB connection.

1. Plug you MIDI/USB device into the computer (don't matter if the Sprout is attached or not)
2. Open sNoize MIDI Monitor and check to ensure the USB/MIDI device shows up
3. open your visualizer program and choose the MIDI/USB device
Questions / Using Sprout without IAC Bus?
« Last post by alinta on July 01, 2018, 01:43:45 AM »
Hi all,

I'm trying to connect the MIDI Sprout to a program in order to allow the Sprout to control some visuals. However for this program to take a MIDI input it seems to want to connect directly to the device itself and not IAC. But because the Sprout goes through IAC, the device itself doesn't come up as an option for MIDI input in this program. Is it possible to use the Sprout without routing it through IAC? How would I unplug it from the IAC to test it?

I am running OSX 10.10.5
Questions / Re: Question about midi data
« Last post by alinta on June 30, 2018, 12:03:13 AM »
Thanks Nicola. Sam: any thoughts on this pattern?

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