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Questions / Question about midi data
« Last post by alinta on June 12, 2018, 08:48:10 PM »
Hi Sam and all,

Here is a link to a screenshot of some recorded midi data in Ableton Live using midisprout (I tried attaching it to this message but it keeps saying an error has occurred): http://alintakrauth.com/pic. This image is showing 7 minutes worth of recording. It wasn't until I zoomed right out that I noticed this interesting pattern that it made that you can see in the attached image. Does this mean anything in particular? I understand from previous threads that notes on the midisprout get lower as more difference in conductivity is felt (I think I have that right?) and it wraps around when required. What this screenshot shows is the signal going from the top to the bottom of the scale over and over again, at first quite quickly, and then getting slower and more detailed on the timeline as it continues to play.

Are there any insights that can be made from this? eg. Is this typical? What does it mean the plant is actually doing? Is this just one continuous (but wrapped around) signal that simply means the conductivity is getting weaker or stronger (?) with time?

PS. Similarly, I have other midi screenshots that show different plants acting very differently to this one - they look much more scattered across the octaves rather than these bands. And yet others where the plant generally produces the same signal over and over again for a sustained period of time. What does this jumpiness or lack of jumpiness all suggest about the plant's signal??

Cheers, A
Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by sam on June 12, 2018, 12:19:42 PM »
Hello severin. I always have kits available on my electricity for progress store https://squareup.com/store/electricityforprogress

Also the instructable is very old and you should follow the instructions on my GitHub https://github.com/electricityforprogress

You can use an Arduino Uno (with the 328p chip), upload the code, and pop the chip off the Uno and into the sprout circuit board. Otherwise use ICSP to program a bare 328p using an Arduino as ISP setup.

You can use the jack you have, just need to connect the two unswitched pins on the jack to the top two pads on the circuit board.

Look in my git and you can see the uno/breadboard project example if you want to see how using an Uno and simple breadboard works.

Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by severin on June 12, 2018, 06:36:03 AM »
Hi Sam,

I'm currently trying to build my own MIDI Sprout with sourced parts as the assembly kit doesn't exist anymore.
The first problem i've encountered is attaching my mono jack socket to the breadboard. Mine looks like this:


How would I go about attaching header wire to make it fit in the breadboard, or do I need a different socket?

Also, regarding the processor, I was thinking to use an Arduino Uno as the processor in the kit was pre-programmed and I don't know how to program one, but I've already began making the MIDI Sprout as it says in the instructions, part for part (roughly), so would bringing the Uno into the equation render a lot of the board useless? Where would I connect the Uno to the breadboard?

Many thanks!
I adore your paintings on your sprout. I may have inherited drawing skills from my Mother but i wouldn't dare to paint my sprout, so i accept it's plain & simple look as it is, after the motto you can not estimate the real value of an object by observing/judging it's cover.  :-[ :) So be it.

In regards your calling about us explaining our solutions of how we change velocity & harmonics for MIDI-Sprout in our favourite DAW, ...well i may not have a  deep connection & experience with Ableton Live but i gave hints about how to achieve changes within Propellerhead's Reason rack.

When you go on Youtube & Twitter i have a couple of examples with MIDI-Sprout, either in conjunction with Propellerhead Reason or with two mobile solutions dedicated to Android Users (Caustic 3 & FL Mobile Studio) . In Caustic 3 it is easy to change scales & you can also setup your own scales.

Much Love
Questions / Re: Info about MIDI Sprout translation
« Last post by desertskymc on June 08, 2018, 10:32:04 AM »
thanks Sam for explaining the default midi output protocols on the Sprout, here is a video of my preliminary experience scaling within the Ableton live environment, i wish you guys could share more videos on how you filter and select notes for sustain, portmento etc to further sculpt the sound, https://youtu.be/s4YbMgguudo
Questions / Re: Using Ios app with a presonus itwo?
« Last post by desertskymc on June 08, 2018, 10:21:46 AM »
thanks i did discover there is less note activity using the Itwo in comparison to the iconnect at 6.22 on this vid you will hear the difference feeding the app with various interface https://youtu.be/m5us7MSGvdU
i have used a Presonus itwo with the app and a Behringer Idock with an Ipad, both work however seem to trigger less activity than the iconnect with the ios app, I posted a video on my Clive Wright youtube channel related to these discoveries
As you are asking for a rep support in advance,... this forum has been setup so the members can help each other. If this fails then either Sam or Data Garden might jump in to aid with support. Your question depends on with whom you are placing an order with. In my case, i did business with Sam twice because at one hand Data Garden was out of stock a longer period due MIDI-Sprout's increased popularity.

They had to extend their network. At the other hand i enjoyed to deal with Sam, as he quickly reacted to my questions via mail & helped me out with spare chips, which speaks for an excellent customer support & that is why i can wholeheartedly recommend Sam Cusumano. To be fair i don't know much about Data Garden's support quality yet but i'm sure they do cherish their customers as well.

Sam can also accept custom ideas, which means if someone has additional ideas like Bluetooth or WiFi integration then he is the guy to talk to. He also provides with Biodata Sonification Kit for those who love to build their MIDI-Sprout & he can program the chip by request. As far as i understand, Data Garden sells/manufacturers Sam's blueprint. Just recently, Sam has revealed that he isn't part of the Data Garden team any more, so for us outsiders, this seems to be a little confusing, i know.

Data Garden can provide with an iOS package & they released their first MIDI-Sprout APP for iOS (Android OS is in the works). I love both parties equally. They are clever & creative guys & love Art, Creativity & Mother Nature as much as i do. MIDI-Sprout itself doesn't require big maintenance but a good care, as it's beautifully designed cardboard casing is fragile. If you happen to have budgies as well, ...then don't allow them to sit & stay on your MIDI-Sprout. Their claws are able to leave tiny but noticeable scratches. :)

As luck would have it i own two MIDI-Sprouts by now. The 1st MIDI-Sprout required maintenance by myself. Sam's guidance encouraged me, he rocks!  :-[ :) I was to careless with a crazy experiment which involved a high-voltage device trying to capture pulsating anions in the air. This had interesting patterns but yeah, i wouldn't recommend to replicate this experiment UNLESS either Sam or Data Garden come up with secured electrode leads.  :-[

Much Love
Thanks for your response.  I don't own a MIDISprout yet, so I can't check it out with the focusrite.  Is there any type of customer service rep to whom I can speak?
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