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Hi desertskymc!

This is the closest that i can offer as video evidence. I didn't record another one yet to support this topic further. Unfortunately Auto-Arp isn't available anymore for purchase because of the developer's deadly accident a few years ago but there are a couple of other scales mapping choices with & for the Reason platform. The closest solution is Auto Theory: https://shop.propellerheads.se/rack-extension/autotheory.

Looks like there are insightful discussions happening on KVR. The thread has also something for FL users who have wondered about an inbuilt scaling feature in FL studio, which of course is missing in Reason as "inhouse"-feature: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7064088. Thankfully Propellerhead's Rack Extension format compensates that through 3rd party developers.

In regards Caustic, my main purpose to purchase Caustic 3 was to loose carry weight while on hiking. It serves my purpose as a mobile studio, as it has scales, velocity, a piano roll & a couple of devices & effects, which help me to create basic patches too. You can not expect extreme complex patches & even so, think about CPU usage, which is the TOP priority on road.

So basically, i stick to the - capture midi from plants agenda - & then create more complex soundscapes in the Reason rack at home, for the imported midi content. Of course, i could & might consider to make use of Caustic's sound (export/import wave) & then flourish the sound's character by a chain of effects mounted inside an Audio track device. The options are endless, we never run out of ideas, can we ? ;)

Much Love
Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by desertskymc on June 21, 2018, 03:52:27 AM »
Hi Sharon, just select the midi Device you are connected to from the Midi Sprout, under the 'Midi' menu in Ableton Prefs, make sure its 'on'  then enable a midi track input, and you will see midi data when the Sprout is turned on and connected to a plant, do not sweep the knob  to the right, just switch on to test, the colored lights will indicate activity from the plant. here is a video showing more advanced Able ton functions, https://youtu.be/s4YbMgguudo
Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by sam on June 20, 2018, 11:55:57 AM »
The jack for the trodes should not be connected to ground. The tip goes to the threshold/trigger on the 555 chip, the other goes to discharge with a 100k pull up resistor.

If you are building this on a breadboard, I suggest building just the 555 timer block and get that red led flashing based on touching trodes. Then connect the 555 output to the 328p/Arduino.
Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by severin on June 20, 2018, 10:37:09 AM »

I've practically built the whole thing. I turned the 3.5mm jack sideways, so the tip and sleeve are sitting on separate rows. It only fits if one half of the connectors goes into the ground bus (this could potentially be changed).

Connected Arduino to breadboard (it seems the Analog In A0 and A2 connecting to potentiometer and button weren't on the instructions), red LED near timer is constantly on. When loading sketch, the other LEDs light up in sequence but go back to being off afterwards. Putting the electrodes in, they do nothing! Also changing potentiometer and pushing button do nothing. Just the red LED near the timer stays as it is.

Any clues as to why it doesn't go any further than this?

Many thanks!
Thanks Nicola, I saw your video with Caustic 3, seems like a good solution for Android, i wasn't able to get it to function without purchasing, maybe its my troublesome Chinese tablet! so i am going to stick with Ableton for serious sound work and use the Sprout IOS app for quick access for now, i would love to hear some music that you have made with it to get an idea of the voices available with Caustic. the scaling function is vital when considering any mobile apps i feel. I have been using N-track with the Damanhur plant machine as it records over 2 audio tracks with midi at the same time, essential for playing guitar/synth  with the plant, but sadly it has no scaling function for the sprout.I am assuming that Reason also is lacking with this? please post a link to your video on it.
Questions / Re: Setup and Usage of MIDI Sprout
« Last post by sam on June 14, 2018, 09:04:48 AM »
I suggest that you use a Midi Monitor (I use the snoize app), and you can ensure that the MIDI device appears on your system and that the MIDI data is flowing.  Once you can see that the device is connected and the midi is flowing, then you can try use the MIDI data in an audio program.
Kit Instructions / Re: MIDIsprout Kit Build Discussion
« Last post by severin on June 14, 2018, 06:58:52 AM »
Thanks very much Sam, very impressed at how quick you are to help everyone on this forum!

Will get back to building...
Questions / Re: Setup and Usage of MIDI Sprout
« Last post by earth is magic on June 13, 2018, 05:25:12 PM »

I am trying to set up the midi sprout with ableton. I am using a komplete audio 6 interface with the midi cable plugged into the midi in. I have followed the IAC guidelines in the video but not quite sure what i'm doing wrong at this point.

Sometimes I get midi signal lighting up on the komplete audio 6 and other times i don't. I see that the old driver is no longer in use.

Questions / Re: Question about midi data
« Last post by Nicola Alexandra Hajdu on June 13, 2018, 10:59:46 AM »
Hi Alinta!

The link to your image doesn't contain a image file format. In order to make images show in a thread you need to point where the image is stored, or else it leads to an error. Once an image is uploaded on a server you need to make use of it's location. In that case right click on the image & then select copy image address or copy image location or something like that, depending on your browser.

In regards your second question i may have my theories on it but you need to read it from the source for your confirmations sake, so i will leave it to Sam to explain it more scientifically. Patterns can change & they won't sound the same. So this is not limited about that each plant pulls out differently. Surprises need to be expected.

Much Love
Questions / Question about midi data
« Last post by alinta on June 12, 2018, 08:48:10 PM »
Hi Sam and all,

Here is a link to a screenshot of some recorded midi data in Ableton Live using midisprout (I tried attaching it to this message but it keeps saying an error has occurred): http://alintakrauth.com/pic. This image is showing 7 minutes worth of recording. It wasn't until I zoomed right out that I noticed this interesting pattern that it made that you can see in the attached image. Does this mean anything in particular? I understand from previous threads that notes on the midisprout get lower as more difference in conductivity is felt (I think I have that right?) and it wraps around when required. What this screenshot shows is the signal going from the top to the bottom of the scale over and over again, at first quite quickly, and then getting slower and more detailed on the timeline as it continues to play.

Are there any insights that can be made from this? eg. Is this typical? What does it mean the plant is actually doing? Is this just one continuous (but wrapped around) signal that simply means the conductivity is getting weaker or stronger (?) with time?

PS. Similarly, I have other midi screenshots that show different plants acting very differently to this one - they look much more scattered across the octaves rather than these bands. And yet others where the plant generally produces the same signal over and over again for a sustained period of time. What does this jumpiness or lack of jumpiness all suggest about the plant's signal??

Cheers, A
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