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Author Topic: MIDI Sprout Tutorial - Solder Circuitboard Kit Assembly  (Read 5211 times)

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MIDI Sprout Tutorial - Solder Circuitboard Kit Assembly
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:21:07 PM »
Please find below, a linked video of the full Solder Kit Assembly process. 

This soldering project is not very difficult, and while the circuit board has pads for surface mount components, there are also through hole pads for each part.  It will take about an hour to assemble (20 minutes for more experienced hands).

If you've never soldered before, you should definitely take the plunge, there are tons of resources and videos available to provide assistance.  And always start out on a piece of scrap electronics, where you can melt solder, add solder, desolder connections, and get yourself comfortable with the amount of heat and 'smoke' which you will be encountering. 

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