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Hello, forest adventure, nature/Jade plant/frogs/birds/waterfall/my brain/5.1


Hi, This is my first test of my idea.  Using my Axiom 61, Br-1600, Cubase DAW, 5.1 Surround sound, I recorded this.  Please listen in 5.1 if you have it.  If I can master this technique I plan to add a video and make relaxing combinations.  The bio data for this one is a Jade plant and my brain (or the electrodes on my forehead).  The idea is to take the mono output and add dimension to the audio.  I would appreciate your input, good or bad, and thank you in advance.

Really cool! The biodata track has an almost binaural feel that wiggles the hemispheres of my brain. Keep it up!


--- Quote from: spacedumpster on April 08, 2017, 02:30:00 PM ---Really cool! The biodata track has an almost binaural feel that wiggles the hemispheres of my brain. Keep it up!

--- End quote ---
Well, that is because it is bin-aural my friend, on the right side (45 degree) is the Jade plant's bio and on the left side (45 degree) is my brain's bio data (the Jade and I are playing with each other).  The center is the canary (straight up), the frogs are left side (60 degree) and the waters are full pan stereo left and right.  The final mix is raw data, as in dry with no effects whatsoever and the mixed down is a 5.1 non-dolby surround sound mix, as natural as I could get it.  So, anyway, thank you for your input, not a lot of input from folks so far, but that won't stop me, I think it is a pretty good adventure for me, I will add my acoustic and a crackling fire and some night owls, crickets and such.  I am glad to get out of my studio and back around mother nature and a campfire, where real music happens.  I had just forgotten it.  Thanks again.

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
Hi Superfluidity!

The input level may increase by time, so therefore good things come for those who wait. Data Garden does as much as they can to raise attention. Mouth to Mouth Propaganda is and will be required. The more Artists do integrate / mention / explain/ showcase MIDI-Sprout the higher the chance for a quicker growing input level. I understand your disappointment because the desire to share Art and receiving feedback belongs to Artistry.

Despite the low response i wouldn't give up so easily. I can imagine that most Users in the Memberbase may be busy with their own musical journey & experiments as well. Include also the holiday season and the fact that extraordinary concepts aren't as much mainstream such Manga, Cat, Makeup or Fashion related videos on Youtube. I know it is hard to comprehend how a garbage ENTERtainment such "the ten biggest fails" continues to impress millions of visitors.

Well, ...each century has it's up & downs helpful for our self-reflection. Apparently low level content may dominate today but loose big tomorrow. I'm sure you noticed the tendency of growing awakened interest in Mother Nature. More & more feel the the desire to interact with Wildlife again. Visions and expanded awareness are born & initialized by pioneers who dare to kickstart / continue / widespread what they love to do. And we are grateful for everyone's effort.

Thanks to our origin and natural curiosity it will leave an impression on the collective. :)

Much Love


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