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alive!... eurorack and midi sprout


second published composition using the Data Garden Midi Sprout and my eurorack modular synthesizer, this sitting, aside from the initial patching and sound design, my only involvement was purely to sit, involved physically indirectly (ie. no manual knob tweaking, no manual mixing or blending) yet active within the realms of thought .. so connected somewhat indeed...

what is very interesting, upon listening to the soundscape unfold i was amazed to hear , for want of a better word, life.

the life that one may hear amidst a jungle environment... or perhaps an exotic garden..

birds, natural movement, unseen wildlife... very organic.

whilst i can have some idea of the sound that may ensue (from having patched the signal path- audio and voltages ) what was created by the plant (my Peace Lilly from the As One meditation) really did blow me away.. truly captures the essence of natural movement in an undisturbed environment.

would love to hear your thoughts, for i think this is quite beautiful.


I just had a listen, good work Mortal.

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
I'm impressed by the results and creativity of your plant. The only thing i kind of missed was the lack of stereo field. Otherwise a very nice and peaceful treasury providing a peaceful and organic atmosphere. Thumbs up! :)

Much Love

This is a useful information for me.


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