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Midi Monitor not responding

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Hi – 

The lights blink, the batteries are charged, the midi is connected to IN. I setup the IAC Driver Bus 1, and downloaded the Midi Monitor.   I put my fingers on the sensors and everything is blinking accordingly.   But I get no feedback in the midi monitor.  Help?  I am excited to get this working...

It sounds like you are almost there!

What type of USB to MIDI device are you using?  You will need to configure the MIDI monitor to listen to the USB/MIDI input (EMU MIDI Input - or whatnot).  You don't need to use IAC Bus, this is only used to route midi around inside your computer to multiple programs.

What audio software synthesizer are you using?  You should be able to configure the MIDI in your synth software to also accept your USB/MIDI device as Input.


Hey Sam! Looks like the USB cord was halfway disconnected on the back of the computer that I couldn't see. We are singing!   Rubber tree is sounding majestic ... now if I could only get the midi notes recorded in Reason ....... I am able to assign sounds, no problem, but I can't get the notes to be recorded ... !

I notice that some plants have more conductivity than others.  Amazing!

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
Hi Nico!

In case IF the Focusrite's driver doesn't work for recording, which itself leaves a big mystery, then what are the results showing with 3rd party drivers ? Are they resulting to the same dilemma ? I can't imagine any hardware failure or else MIDI-Sprout couldn't pick up, convert & send any signals to your Audio-interface. In your last email you have shown to me that the THOR Synthesizer has been successfully triggered by the Rubber tree.

Much Love

Hi guys, thanks for the help and guidance.

Reason does detect the midi notes and they are playing and triggered. When I press record, I move the mouse over the notes and they will be recorded in the session, no problem there. But strangely none of the midi notes are recording from the sprout itself .... fascinating! It's an interesting conundrum.  :) :)


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