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garden radio show in Oslo, Norway


Hey Team!
Together with my friend Julius we made a super freestyle radioshow broadcasting from a collective garden in Oslo, Norway. We set up a mini studio in the middle of the garden and invited our plant guests to the studio and we tried to have a conversation with them 🙂 it was a lot of fun.
 Here are some pictures and some of the raw footage.

We broadcasted on the fm network using a PiBox and you could hear the show through small radios here and there in the garden. We also broadcasted to a livestream on internet.
We're cooking more radio show ideas with plants because it was so much fun!

A couple of questions:
1. are there other midi sprout enthusiasts in Norway hanging around here?
2. is there anyone who has experience with internet radio streams? I´d like to make a radio show between Oslo and Missoula in Montana with a friend who lives there. Ideally we would broadcast live from our respective location to the same stream. I have no idea how to do that through. Does anyone have experience with that?

All the best and keep it up! Etienne

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
Hi Etienne!

I may not be qualified to answer your questions as i lack of a electronics background but allow me to - at least - compliment your idea. I hope your team keeps up standby because it won't take too long to win hearts for creative projects involving Mother Nature. I strongly believe that the MIDI-Sprout Userbase has potential to grow worldwide.

I as well wouldn't mind to build on platonic friendships with like-minded ones who are into Experimental/Ambient music, who do cherish Nature & enjoy silent moments for the sake of spiritual balance. I would prefer MIDI-Sprout Users in my country Austria, to be exactly in Vienna or Lower Austria.

For me this may be a daring thing to say, due my social phobia but connecting with like-minded Artists in order to make collaborations come true is what i will keep looking for. MIDI-Sprout gives us a chance to rebuild the wrecked bridge between Humanity & Mother Earth.

Communication & Art with Plants are useful impulses to make a global society in harmony come true. :) Before i'm going to end my monolog, i have a question regards this photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/solfab/35442481981/in/album-72157682665405564/ ,... did this device serve as a linking-element, so the plants could receive the modulation from the microphone ?

Much Love

Hei Nicola!
Happy to exchange on this forum. To answer your question: the picture is of a home made radio project that one person in the "audience" of our show brought to the garden. It is a radio that uses crystals and copper to receive radio waves - if I understood correctly. I can try to hook you up with Martin who is building it if you are interested.
So it had actually no connection to our set up with the plants. Martin was there working with his radio and listening to the show and asking questions and hanging out with us.

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
Thank you for your answer Etienne! Sometimes good things just happen and the "like-minded" come together which may serve an already active project. :) I thank you for your offer but i don't have plans for making a radio-station come true. I believe there are so many stations out there like you and your team, who do their best to produce intriguing radio shows.

It is a time-consuming project that would reduce time for my activities which get favored and Art & Spirituality get's my top priority. And that includes Plant's Music of course, what else. ;) As my curiosity bites me i would love to see an overview respectively a map where MIDI-Sprout has been found new homes so far. Maybe Data Garden could program an interactive map for the overview's sake.

I'm not demanding for accurate information such home addresses, as known with Google Maps, even not required because locations of home & meeting places are exchangeable  via PM & E-Mail anyway. This is expected to happen between like-minded ones who want to meet each other and collaborate on possible projects together. The map that i imagine just shows up flags over the places where sales have been registered.

No Names, No addresses are shared publicly, the privacy remains unaffected. Despite going by my real name i have an understanding for individual reasons not to share everything just because it is technically possible. I also would welcome a section in the forum where MIDI-Sprout users could organize meetings or calling for friendships. Let's see if that is manageable. I wish you great success and many contacts with MIDI-Sprout users. :)

Much Love


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