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How to open MidiSprout Tools in Mac OSx


I have no experience in coding etc but have installed XQuartz which is supposed to be the new X11?
Then I tried to open the pd files with it but it does not work. Do I need to open it up with the XQuartz terminal?

Perhaps for non-technical people, there should be some instructions on how to do this?

Thank you

Sorry I don't understand. Look down which menu?

Cajak, sorry you are having trouble.   Basically, don't bother with the MIDI Sprout Tools application, it is a novelty toy app and doesn't do anything important for your Sprout.  It's a PD app and i just built it cause i was having fun teaching students about Pure Data and visual programming.  If you have trouble setting up PDextended on your computer, just avoid it. 

You should spend your energy focusing on using MIDI and moving that data around your computer, which is a significant challenge in itself!



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