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MIDI Sprout Circuit Board


Please find below links to eagle files of the MIDI Sprout circuit board, and a PDF of all the board layers.

Board Top PDF
Board Bottom PDF
Eagle Board File
Eagle Schematic File
Easy Schematic PDF
Gerber Zip

There are many great options for having a custom circuit board created.  I recommend using http://OSHpark.com who rapidly produce custom boards of 'any' size at a very affordable price.

The MIDI Sprout circuit board accommodates both SMD (surface mount) and Through-Hole components, making it easy for builders of many experience levels to construct the MIDI Sprout.
This is a link to my shared board design on OSHpark

Stay tuned to the http://support.midisprout.com/index.php?board=4.0 Tutorials section of the form for information about assembling a solder circuit board for the MIDI Sprout.


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