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Hello! I seem to be having a problem with my midi sprout which i just recently received in the mail. I tried both on a house plant I have and on myself. It seems to only be triggering one note, it receives a signal but it will not chromatically move through notes/pitches. Is there a easy way to remedy this issue. It could be me just missing a step somewhere in the connection. Please help! Im excited to experiment thank you for your time.

Trey N.

Hey trey i got your email, thought i'd respond here on the forum also. I'm happy to discuss with you, but you will need to reach out to Data Garden if you need a replacement.

There have been many users who report the sprout 'banging out a string of C notes'.  Please clarify tho, do you ever get different notes (when squeezing the electrodes with your fingers really tightly) or is it always just a C?  Can you view the data on your computer using a MIDI Monitor, or record the MIDI data to view the notes?  Remember that the Sprout is limited to 5 note polyphonic, so your mono mother will only be pushing a quarter of the notes. 

I explain this phenomena in two ways:

1. It is very common when using the sprout to have the notes centered around a 'root', while many users report the root note being C it varies based on the type of plant and activity level.  By turning the threshold knob clockwise, the density of notes will reduce and the root become apparent.  I have also found a training period is often needed with plants when first starting to use a plant, allow the biodata system to run for a couple hours and then check back on the sounds.

2. It is possible that there is an error in manufacturing or programing.  I have had only a few early kickstarter sprouts returned with 'single note' issue, and out of those only 1 genuinely had a programming issue.  Other possible hardware issues include a bad LMC555 timer, burning out the electrode input by plugging-in/touching other electronic devices, or a user error when managing the MIDI data.

So, in short, root note triggering is a part of normal biodata measurement (a repeated fluctuation in conductivity over the same delta/change amount), but if you put the trodes in your hand and squeeze and you only get a single pitch then you may need hardware support.


Hi Sam. Thank you sooo much for your quick response. When I open up midi monitor and hold the trodes tightly in my hands its showing midi note on and off on A2. Thats all the data I'm receiving. It might be a hardware issue unfortunately :(


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