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USB midi not working


I have a generic USB midi adapter that I've been using to send midi data to my raspberry pi.  it works with my midi keyboard but not with the midisprout.  Has anyone found a USB midi device that actually works?  I don't think the USB midi device is even transmitting the midi signal since the indicator light isn't turning on.  This is going into a python script so I don't know a workaround since software isn't an option. 

Any ideas?
here's a short video demoing the led not turning on. 

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
Looks like there are not many around having an experience with MIDI-Sprout connected through Raspberry instead PC, Mac, iOS & Android. Your remaining choice is a meager path, where you have to try out a couple of USB MIDI devices. If i were in your situation i would start with Creative Emu xmidi & then Roland UM-One MkII etc...

Much Love


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