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USB midi not responding

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I have a generic USB midi adapter that I've been using to send midi data to my raspberry pi.  it works with my midi keyboard but not with the midisprout.  Has anyone found a USB midi device that actually works?  I don't think the USB midi device is even transmitting the midi signal since the indicator light isn't turning on.  This is going into a python script so I don't know a workaround since software isn't an option. 

Any ideas?
here's a short video demoing the led not turning on. 

Most MIDI adapters will work, it is the lower end units which do not adhere to optical isolated MIDI standard which do not work.  This topic has been covered in detail in a few other posts on the forum, I use an EMU MIDI to USB cable


Thank you!  I just ordered one to test out :)

I am in the same boat. Sprout boots up but MIDI Monitor finds no 'In' device, and the MIDI to USB connector seems to say that the MIDI Out is working, but the MIDI In is not. The EMU will cost me $100 to buy and ship to me - is that usual for a MIDI cable? (I'm a newbie to this). Are there any others that will work with the Sprout? This current one that I have is the only one that I have so it is hard to confirm whether it is the problem.

Alinta, what type of midi-usb cable do you have?  the cheap intefaces do not work with the Sprout (nor many MIDI devices).  I have written a couple posts about this topic on the forum, the cheapest ones just don't have the parts inside of them. Even an old casio or other keyboard should be able to give you instant results .

MIDI is the hardest part for most users of this device, as the user is expected to create and amplify sounds.  It does take a bit of work and money to get a computer based MIDI music synthesis system setup.  There are a vast number of MIDI to USB interfaces , but depending on where you are located yes $100 is a high pricen for that emu unit.  An electronic musician might spend a large amount on a high quality and versatile MIDI interface.


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