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Author Topic: live improvisation musical performance with plants via sprout and scaling setups  (Read 41 times)

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I adore your paintings on your sprout. I may have inherited drawing skills from my Mother but i wouldn't dare to paint my sprout, so i accept it's plain & simple look as it is, after the motto you can not estimate the real value of an object by observing/judging it's cover.  :-[ :) So be it.

In regards your calling about us explaining our solutions of how we change velocity & harmonics for MIDI-Sprout in our favourite DAW, ...well i may not have a  deep connection & experience with Ableton Live but i gave hints about how to achieve changes within Propellerhead's Reason rack.

When you go on Youtube & Twitter i have a couple of examples with MIDI-Sprout, either in conjunction with Propellerhead Reason or with two mobile solutions dedicated to Android Users (Caustic 3 & FL Mobile Studio) . In Caustic 3 it is easy to change scales & you can also setup your own scales.

Much Love

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Thanks Nicola, I saw your video with Caustic 3, seems like a good solution for Android, i wasn't able to get it to function without purchasing, maybe its my troublesome Chinese tablet! so i am going to stick with Ableton for serious sound work and use the Sprout IOS app for quick access for now, i would love to hear some music that you have made with it to get an idea of the voices available with Caustic. the scaling function is vital when considering any mobile apps i feel. I have been using N-track with the Damanhur plant machine as it records over 2 audio tracks with midi at the same time, essential for playing guitar/synth  with the plant, but sadly it has no scaling function for the sprout.I am assuming that Reason also is lacking with this? please post a link to your video on it.
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