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Use this part of the forum to discuss you experiences building your MIDI Sprout kit.  If you encounter any challenges, the forum is the best place to look for help!

Hello Sam,
Sharon here. What I've got here is a finalised kit with midi in en out to USB (three snake plants and a gorgeous dracaena). I've put batteries in it, and it's all lit up, and I'd like to get the data going to Ableton.
I'm very new to programming in Max for Live and haven't got any experience streaming data into it yet.
I've got some very basic questions that I couldn't find the answers to (yet) on your forum:

* What is optimal placement of sensors on the leaf. Same side or opposing side?
* Do you have a basic schematic (for dummies, like: this cable goes here and that cable goes there, and then you go to this file menu, etc...) for connecting MIDI sprout with Ableton? How does Ableton recognise MIDI Sprout?
* Do you have any basic Max for Live patches using MIDI sprout data? I will be meeting up with someone who's got plenty of experience tomorrow, and we can probably start building a patch....
Greets, and looking forward to your answers! Sharon

Yo, step 31 and 32 are the same image.
Step 34 - "placeholder"

Telling people the resistor color bands would be nice.
Guess there's no way to know which LED is which without lighting 'em up.

The best way to determine the LED color is to use a CR2032 'watch'/button battery which can help to identify LED polarity and color.

When building the kits, all LEDs will eventually be illuminated, and the user can 'switch' LED locations to their taste once the kit is built.

In the Instructions you are right the same image is used in Steps 31 and 32.  The 'green' LED goes on the left side of the board between Row 12 and Ground.

Hi Sam,

Do you provide these kits with pre programmed controllers or do you recommend that I buy the parts and put it together?
And what is your favorite store for buying parts? 


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