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Forum Categories
« on: March 19, 2015, 04:14:27 PM »
General Discussion

Kit Assembly
   Breadboard kit
   Solder Dev Kit
      -board files
      -code base
   Arduino Shield
   Galvanometer circuit and build instructions
   Kit Purchasing – solder circuit board purchasing – parts purchasing
        enclosures - Shapeways 3d print (battery connects), laser cut designs

   Hardware Modifications
      CV, MIDI pins

   Instructions for MIDIsprout usage
   Explanation of common Sprout outputs
      Plant type, time of day, electrode type, proximity and movement
      MIDI opto-isolation (coupled vs isolated)
   User Support Group (User Questions)
   User Stories, experiences, audio, events, and images from Users
   Uses Sonifying Plants, apples, animals, and other systems   

   Biodata sonification history

   MIDI education
   Circuit education
   PD/Max education
   Live education
   OSx MIDI and IAC
   Windows MIDI and Ox/Yolk
   MIDIsprout Tools  - options, configuration, feedback

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