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Cardboard lasercut enclosure

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A fablab recently opened nearby with a decent laser cutter, so I went to work.
I love woodwork, but I wanted to work as small and lightweight as possible.
Chosen 3 mm thickness for my design, and this I can only find in cardboard in local shops.

So here is an assembly video, when I posted this the glue is still drying.
Later I will sand it slightly and give it a few layers of paint.
I left the top where the battery pack goes open (for obvious reasons),
but I liked it to keep the design uniform.

I can share the design file if someone wants it. Had to put it in a zip file to make it small enough.
It's an dxf file made in qcad. (you can download a free version at http://www.qcad.org/en/ )
It's a very close fit (needed to remove some material in one cardboard piece to make room for the timer),
and it has an extra hole for the barrel connector I built in.

If someone feels the urge to change the design, feel free.

I post some pictures if it's finished, but that's not for the first few days.

as said in previous post, some pictures, step by step.
Here is a layer of gesso and a first layer of oil paint

and a second layer of oil paint ...

and the other side

and the finishing layers for the logo (upside down, isn't that fun !)


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