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Please tell us about your experience building and using Electronics, as well as your comfort level with MIDI synthesizers and computer based music!

I'm a classically trained pianist who has been working for years in Logic, creating sound compositions, sometimes multichannel. I'm relatively new to Ableton. My aesthetics have always been for free-form and organic meters, so, well, beats are not my specialty (to say the least) and MIDI Sprout appeals to this organic-form aesthetic tendency.

I need help understanding how I can get your pure data tool (which looks fantastic, by the way) into something recognisable by Ableton. I'm figuring I need to install Pure Data??

BTW, I've got a small patch now in Max for Live that parses and streams the note and CC data, so that you can see what values the computer is reading.

I also would really like to understand the underlying calculations you are performing to turn the analog stream of conductivity information from the plant into note and CC data. I need this for an audio paper I'm presenting in Copenhagen next month (18 June to be exact) in which we are specifically interested in 'natural' sources of sound and data in relation to human decision-making in the artistic process.

So, have you documented somewhere the decisions you made in how you extracted the numerical data, and WHY (understanding that there are practical constraints, of course, but also your own artistic or engineering choices), and can you please share that with us??

Greets and many thanks! Sharon

Bringing a spark of life back in the topic.

I have a huge interest in music, but I just can't hold a tune or a beat, so I'm no musician.
Never played with MIDI before.
My school days where we had some baby steps in electronics are long ago ...

All I know is theory, and too many ideas.
So I'm learning everything from scratch (more or less), and are blessed with ignorance.
That can go 2 ways: something "original and interesting" or a total disaster,
but I certainly won't settle for the standard tunes and beats, I love music too much for that.

I am a sophomore at Parsons School of Design in New York City majoring in Design and Technology. I am in the process of constructing my own Midi Sprout for a final project!!! (would love any help I can get). I have been producing music since high school with native instruments software but also frequently use Ableton. I am interested in sustainability, music technology, and design. Basically everything you guys are about, if you are looking for an intern i'm your guy:) lol thank you for this beautiful piece of tech.

Jacob Fisher

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu:
I'm infected by the music virus since the Commodore Amiga 500/1200 in the 90s. My first "MIDI"experience came through via DSS8+ Tracker (a package by GVP which included the software including a sampler for recording Audio). Later on i got my hands on TFMX, which required me to improve my performance skills on my keyboard. TFMX wasn't a classical Tracker and i don't have knowledge of any other software which allowed to effect the samples in an unique way (via the Macro page).

Bars & Pipes could have been a comprehensive MIDI-Sequencer but i loved to work with samples, so it didn't appeal to me. I left my Amiga decade in 1999. I immediately felt home with the MODplug Tracker, when i entered the Windows platform. Wish i would heard of Renoise much earlier but eventually it was my destiny to discover my first MIDI-Sequencers such Magix Music studio, which didn't excite me so much like "Fruity Loops" Studio followed by Propellerhead Reason 1.0, which became my favorite virtual studio i dreamed of. 

Most of my projects are entirely done in Reason. Today i have a few VSTi-Plugins and a huge amount of RE (Rack Extension is like VST, a format providing virtual devices for the Reason rack). I also have a home recording studio including a few keyboards and Midi-Controllers. I'm listening to electronic but also classic music. In the Amiga decade i preferred Video game music (Chris Huelsbeck, Allister Brimble, Olof Gustafson etc...) and Synthesizer Music (such Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Jan Hammer, etc...). My keyboard skill is sufficient enough to get through my recordings avoiding me of spending hours in the Piano Roll. 

So therefore i selected  "I'm an experienced musician using MIDI, but I'm not at all a programmer" because i'm not a programmer in respect of creating software but in programing my sounds. Reason & my JP-8080 give me the perfect environment to build on my imaginations. If i wouldn't have discovered the vast possibilities with virtual synths & effects (VST/RE) then i would have gotten much more hardware devices for sure. This doesn't meant that i will never get hands on new hardware & instruments. Time will tell. :)

I have to agree with a previous comment, ...MIDI-Sprout is definitely an unique interface which allows us to dive into organic soundscapes, furthermore we are blessed to interact with & invite Mother Nature in an very natural way. My first experiments showed that plants have a sense of music and you are free to decide where you take it further. I recommend Joe's recommendation to confront the invited Plant with it's own compositions with Speakers.

The Plants seem to have a melody in mind that they try to expand with variations. And they generate new melodies every day. I'm in my learning phase here because a seamless musically interaction with Plants requires us to build a deeper relationship. So there is always a deeper level available to achieve. My current favorite genre is Ambient soundscapes. It may be needless to say that Plants can be perfect partners to create outstanding Soundworlds.

Sometimes the Plants refuse to participate and i do respect this. All lifeforms have in common that they don't like to be forced to do anything. The pulse of life is spontaneity. The natural principle is love, so therefore everything has to come from the heart in the very moment. My recommendation is to try it again a few hours later. MIDI-Sprout is like a Star gate for exploring infinite possibilities. Of course, it makes sense to master your DAW (Digital-Audio-Workstation) your hardware and your imagination.

I compare Soundesign with cooking, ....it's the recipe which gives the flavors. The more you know about your studio the better the results. The Plants are talented Music directors but they have no access to the  patching/effecting sounds process. This and the whole production is still our part. Plants are sensitive beings. Treat them with respect and share them your love. A deeper relationship makes them open for inspirations.

You don't have to be super spiritual or into Esoteric at all. Also Rationalists & Atheists carry a heart for Mother Nature. I apologize for my bad grammar. I'm not native-English. My destination is Austria (Vienna, the capetown of my country, which is my exact location) and i speak three languages (German, English & Hungary). I want to express my gratitude to the MIDI-Sprout team and all the Kickstarter bakers, who believed in this extraordinary interface that closes a physical gap between us and plant life.

Much Love


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