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MIDI Sprout Kit Assembly Instructions


Instructions for assembling your MIDI Sprout Kit can be found at this Link 

(you can find a super high resolution version of the instructions here!)

The assembly instructions provide step by step directions to build your MIDI Sprout Kit, showing component placement and wire connections on a breadboard. 

Please find below, three videos detailing the assembly of the MIDI Sprout Kit:
1. MIDI Sprout Kit Parts (Part 1) -
2. MIDI Sprout Kit Galvanometer (Part 2) -
3. MIDI Sprout Kit Final Build (Part 3) -

Parts List:

* ATMEGA 328-PU preProgrammed with the MIDI Sprout software
* LMC555 Timer
* 10k Potentiometer (linear)
* 47uF Electrolytic Capacitor
* 0.1uF Capacitor (yellow)
* 0.0042uF Capacitor (blue)
* 100k Resistor (Brown Black Yellow)
* 220 ohm Resistors x 7 (Red Red Purple)
* 16 Mhz Oscillator
* LEDs (2 Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White)
* MIDI 5 pin Connector
* 1/8 input Jack (with 2 pin Header)
* Solderless Breadboard
* Snap Electrode Leads
* Snap Electrode Pad Pairs x 3
* Battery Pack (3 AA)
* Jumper Wires x 20 (assorted)
Each kit comes with a preprogrammed ATMEGA328 microprocessor running at 16Mhz - more information about the MIDI Sprout Code can be found here.



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